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World Champion Marc Marquez

Doc Said I Had a Bad Case of MotoGP — I Said Go To Hell

In the motorbike world, Márquez’s riding style has been called risky by the press and enviable by his competitors—the former of which he completely agrees with. “Last year in the MotoGP category, everything was new [to me],” he says. “So I was able to be faster and, of course, take more risks than others because I didn’t have the experience.” That fearlessness sent him on to be the first rider since 1978 to take the MotoGP title in his first season in the premier class, and the youngest rider to win the title overall, only 20 years old at the time.


Remember Kira Plastinina? 

She's Back and Ready to Make her U.S. Re-emergence

You may remember Kira Plastinina as she burst onto the U.S. fast-fashion scene in 2008 with a playful, pink-cursive logo and boatloads of saccharine party dresses lining her short-lived NYC boutiques. You may also remember that Plastinina was just 15 years old at the time, and deemed “the youngest fashion designer in the world" — a dubiously lofty title for a teenager to assume, especially when her business was orchestrated by the adults around her.

Family Meals

A Staff that Eats Together, Stays Together

From the view of any noteworthy restaurant’s dining room, the service staff appears calm, composed and serene. The food arrives to tables perfectly plated and each dish is described with precision. But take one step beyond the dining room floor into the kitchen and a tremendous amount of effort reveals itself. The relationship between kitchen and waitstaff is best described as a highly choreographed dance in which both partners must stay in concert — all within the constant constraint of time.

A Morning with Ray Isle

Everything You Wanted to Know about Wine but Were too Afraid to Ask

To imagine an expert in wine might be to imagine someone so sophisticated they're unable to have an easy-going conversation with the average Joe. However, Ray Isle, executive wine editor of Food & Wine magazine, eschews that staunchy stereotype by candidly and fluidly teaching we feeble-minded laymen the basics of wine by comparing it to cars, baseball and — what else? — milk.

Top Spots for Live Music in Texas

Texas Tourism Series

The Texas music scene is as varied as the Texas landscape, and so are the venues. From hole-in-the-walls to world-class concert halls, the state offers a wide array of places to take in musical artistry of every conceivable kind. As the birthplace of so many iconic musicians, it’s no wonder the state is also home to as many interesting, storied, and emblematic venues where you can celebrate sound — from country to classical and punk to pop.

Behind Gail Chovan's Groundbreaking Designs

Fearless in the Face of Adversity

“There’s such beauty in imperfection,” says designer Gail Chovan, whose eccentric, minimalist garments stand out in a town known for its casual chic. Some might say that life has dealt Chovan a far-from-perfect hand, but she would never think so. Learning the nuances of raising twins born with congenital toxoplasmosis and surviving a battle against breast cancer, including a double mastectomy, have not weakened her resolve or point of view. Rather, these experiences have made her zest for the life that she shares with her family of four stronger and the concepts she communicates through clothing even more powerful.

The Texas-Italian Kitchen

Traditional Italian Dishes with a Texas Twist

Much like the work of a professional chef, Italian cooking is a labor of love. Italian recipes are, more often than not, steeped in tradition and passed down through the generations — whether in the kitchen of a close-knit family or of a succsessful restarant. To honor Lucchese's Italian-born heritage and 130-year presence in Texas, we challenged internationally studed chef Rebecca Meeker to create a traditional Italian meal with local Texas ingredients.

An Architect's Rising Standards

Elevating a community with space-conscious construction

With large lots at a premium and a commitment to resource preservation on the rise, Glen Irani Architects has pioneered its own interpretation of elevated homes in coastal Southern California. The Hover Houses are a series of angular structures marked by natural outdoor living areas, streamlined square-footage and an elevated building envelope. “[The Hover House] was really just a practical solution for living in a healthier way in this environment,” says principal designer Glen Irani of the impetus for his first Hover House, a 3,500-square-foot live-work space for his family.

The American Psychological Association estimates three out of 10 people have a learning disability (LD). As the only accredited, independent middle school and high school in Central Texas that teaches solely individuals with learning differences, Odyssey picks up where the special education component within Texas’ public school system often leaves off. 

Learning at the Odyssey School 

How the Austin institution encourages students to take risks

10 Best Bars in Austin 

Austin City Guide 2012

From sipping fancy cocktails in plush surroundings to downing ice-cold beers in a glorified bungalow, Austin offers a full range of classy, quirky and basic bars to suit every night owl.

No one else was making them — so she decided to do it. Such was Autumn Stanford’s straightforward reasoning behind opening a kolache shop in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Stanford arrived in New York City in 2004 and noticed a void in the food scene where it came to the sweet and/or savory doughy treat whose origins are from the Czech Republic. Still, Stanford would spend many years honing her business acumen at one of the most successful food-delivery companies in the country, Seamless, before formally embarking on her baking dream in 2012. 

Brooklyn Kolache Co. 

Small-Batch Kolaches from the Heart of Texas

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