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I am a comprehensive content creator whose career has evolved alongside the editorial landscape. After learning the fundamentals of the business by working at Italian Vogue and Google in New York City, I devoted myself to a full-time creative career from Texas. 


In parallel with the media industry, I transitioned from working in print to working digitally and, ultimately, to diving head first into brand-centric content. I’ve created content for a diverse array of audiences — all equally passionate about their lifestyles.


There's nothing I find more invigorating than mapping out a way to satisfy loyal fans while simultaneously engaging new ones, whether crafting a newsletter, concepting a launch campaign, writing a feature article or posting a punchy blog. Take a look at my work, and don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to get to know your audience, too.

Content Strategy
Content Marketing
Digital Strategy
Copy Editing
Editorial Development
Social Media
Feature Writing
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